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nerd, dork, geek
Round 01 
15th-Jul-2010 10:30 am

Welcome to the first round of Elizabeth Mitchell Turbo Lims.

Don't really know what this is about? Go to our Introduction Post and find out.


1. You must sign-up HERE first to be able to participate

2. Use only the caps/pics provided.

3. An icon must be made of every cap and one only.

4. You can use blends, textures...pretty much anything that tickles your fancy to create your icon.

5. NO Animations. No adding of other images except textures.

6. Icons must remain anonymous until the end of the round, that means no posting in graphic comms or your journal before that.

7. Icons must be submitted in a comment to this entry until August 29th, 12pm CEST (see how much time you've left)

We've decides on 10 caps/pics of Elizabeth in different TV-Shows and Movies, Interviews, Public Appearances, Candids and Photoshoots. Depending on how many people will sign up for this we might add one or two more pictures to prevent voting 2 people out in one round. We will provide those additional caps at the latest 2 weeks before submission closes.

Liz on Jimmy Kimmel (March 2010)

as Erica Evans in "V"

Liz out and about

Liz and son CJ (People's Magazine 2008)

as Kim Legaspi in "ER"

Liz in Monte Carlo 2010

as Carol Newman in "Santa Clause 2"

as Juliet Burke in "Lost"

Liz on Tevis Smiley (March 2010)

as Linda in "Gia"
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