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Elizabeth Mitchell Icon Lims Challenge

Elizabeth Mitchell: the wonderful, down to earth geekgoddess.

This challenge community will have all her awesomeness in icons you create.

Juliet Burke, Erica Evans, Kim Legaspi, Linda, Carol - Elizabet Mitchell as given so many wonderful characters that certain extra to make them unforgetable.

But even out of character and just her plain self Elizabeth charms us with her humor, her impersonations of family members and fans, her insights and opinions on her characters or just by laughing straight from the heart.

This challenge community will have all that irresistable awesomeness in form of icons you create.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it:

1. Join/watch/track the community for updates, new sign-ups, votings etc. with the username you'll be using when submitting

2. This is a "turned around" lims challenge community much like turbo_lims focusing on Elizabeth Mitchell. This means you'll be making an icon out of each screencap (and only those) posted and submit all until the given deadline. Your icon may be still, have text or textures, blends - whatever you like as long as it uses the given screencaps.

3. Once the deadline is reached, voting with one category at a time will be posted in a 1-2 day rhythm. Here comes the different to a regular lims challenge: We will not be voting participants out but for the best three + a special category. The winners will be determined by an overall score of points earned each round.
If you participate, please take the time to also vote. It will earn you 1 extra point vor each vote.

4. Do not post your icon anywhere until after voting has concluded.

5. Upload your icons to an anonym hosting site such as www.tinypic.com

5. Don't want to participate? Feel free to friend/join the community and vote!

evikate_stills, v_lims, island_rumble

feel free to contact f3iv3lin3 or evilblacksheep or leave a comment here if you want affiliate with us =)

Icons used in the profile made by (in order):
aprilstones, wicked_signs, neated, hallonpaj, wicked_signs, wicked_signs, dizzyknee, pottermanic, pengyn, f3iv3lin3

Screencaps Resources:
Profile code thanks to Leaves of Yanara